Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Doris Days 2

Two further conversations that have occurred with Doris in the past couple of weeks - slightly out of sync with the blog, but I have to write them down before I forget...

Doris; 'James, I have been seeing on the television, the thing that picks the football, youu know, you eat it sometimes'
James; 'What?'
Doris; 'You know, the thing for dinner, that picks the winner'
James; 'The what?!'
Doris; 'On the television, the thing with the legs like the spider'
James; 'Oh, the octopus!'

And then last night...

Doris; 'I saw it again, the thing like the flower, that lives in the water'

Today, on returning from work...

Doris; 'Kate, is Adam around?'
Me; 'Not yet, he'll be back, but later'
Doris; 'You tell him he needs to pay the cabbage for 3 months'
Me; 'The what?'
Doris; 'The cabbage people, they need the money for the cabbage for 3 months'
Me; 'Cabbage?'
Doris; 'Yes, you know that you put outside'
Me; 'Garbage?'
Doris; 'Yes, cabbage'
Me; 'OK, I'll tell him.  So what about the water, we were supposed to pay them weren't we'
Doris; 'Ah, I don't know when they are coming back'
Me; 'You don't know when they're coming back?'
Doris; 'No, it's because they're Indian'
Me; 'Right.'
Doris; 'Also, the liquid soap.  It is finished'

Can I bring her home with me?

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