Sunday, 13 September 2009

All quiet on the Eastern [African] Front

Things in Kampala appear to have calmed down a fair bit. There was a small amount of trouble reported yesterday in some of the suburbs, but not to the level of Thursday and Friday. We barricaded ourselves in the house and played Scrabble and watched Men in Black, because we're so grown up. We had a brief interlude when cabin fever very much got the better of us and we had to go outside into the real world... to the shopping mall... where we bought junk food. We had a small altercation with a local vendor in the godown when we tried to buy 6 chapattis... although I suspect it was because of the 'fat b@stard' element to two of us asking for that many!

Today I went to Entebbe for a day trip with Kate, Jamie and a guy called Tom where we lazed around a swimming pool for the afternoon, ate Tilapia and got sunburnt. Was nice to get out of the city after the last few days.

Back to work and hopefully normal. Will post again later in the week and let you know what transpires...

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