Friday, 21 August 2009

'I hope it rains down in Aaaaaafricaaa'

Actually, I wouldn't mind if it stopped now, just for half an hour so I can get back to the hospital! But for now, I'm trapped and using my time wisely...

I've started work, and am slowly beginning to get into the swing of things. Everything is SO different here, that for the first few weeks I'll be 'observing' and learning about how things are done here. Starting to get to know some of the midwives and doctors. I've dabbled in labour ward, spending yesterday afternoon in theatre. Most of this week has been spent finalising arrangements for a neonatal resuscitation course which my predecessor and I are running next week for all the midwives. It's been an interesting week as I begin to learn how to approach people here and how to get things done. There's a definite etiquette that I don't yet fully understand, in terms of how to get things done.

The other thing I've done this week is write a guideline on multiple pregnancy with Anna, the Italian doctor who's here for a short while, and a specialist, Sarah. I presented it at the departmental meeting, and it seems to have been well received, and I hope, achievable... No difficult questions from the floor.

Play wise, I've moved into a house, which is great except that we have had no power for 3 days! This has unfortunately meant eating out rather than in, but I can tell you that the restaurants and bars here are really good, including the Irish bar with free wifi - where we wrote the bulk of the guideline. I have made it my personal mission to try them all!

The house is a minibus trip from the hospital, which is quick and easy. Haven't plucked up the courage to ride on a boda-boda yet... I think I'll avoid it for as long as possible.

This weekend, I'm heading off to Jinja to go rafting and visit the source of the Nile, a birthday treat to myself. I'll try and post some photos on here once I get back, decent internet connection pending!

Hope you're all well. Massive congratulations to Anna and Sam on the arrival of Poppy, and to Becca and Ted on the arrival of Thomas. Hope you're getting to know each other and the sleepless nights are bearable!


  1. Whoa, what a trooper. I can visualise you tryng to get to grips with everything. Just so you know, your name is still ringing with the usual regularity of the last 12 months down the Leighton corridors. Weekend just starting here, it's kind of grey... there is a surprise. Joe K.

  2. Hey you, been away in sunny South Wales so only just caught up on your blog. Hope your ok, sounds like you have settled in well and starting to get to know people and the local bars :-)
    Patrick just back form Rugby camp. run by Jon Bently and the Newcastle squad, all very exciting for him and if it's possibloe he's training more. Only 2 weeks till the start of the season with me driving around the cheshire countryside, the joys of children :-)

    Miss you babe xxxx


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