Wednesday, 26 August 2009

One crocodile, two crocodiles...

Well, what a hectic time I've had. Can't really remember when I last wrote, it's been a bit of a blur really. Went out on Friday for my birthday with my flat mates, got a little drunk (obviously). Felt dreadful the next morning, rising at 6 to go rafting. Had a fab scenic drive to Jinja, although was tired. Arrived, was kitted out, put on a raft and then thrown out of the raft several times on purpose, which served as an excellent hangover cure! Did 7 rapids in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. AWESOME! Was so knackered and sunburnt I was in bed by 9!

Sunday (my birthday) was spent at the source of the Nile, marked by a concrete block no less. Lots of amazing wildfowl along the banks of the Nile though. Managed to catch a lift with some American NGO workers back to Kampala, which beats travelling in a Matatu for 90km.

Neonatal resuscitation course started on Monday. There's been a brilliant turn out and the midwives are really keen to learn. Hopefully it will boost confidence and empower them to recognise and manage neonates who need resuscitating. My predecessor Kate raised the money to run it so it was offered to the staff for free. I will be running it again for the junior doctors and then in 6 months for the midwives. I'll give you advance warning that I'll be asking for your spare coppers.

Really enjoying life in Kampala. Settling in, and now Kate's back it's easier to meet the staff and explain who I am and why I'm here. The rainy season has arrived... and it rains Lions and Hyenas here!

To everyone at Leighton, believe it or not I have yet to swear at work!!! Told you I could do it! Anyway, the sun's going down and I need to get home before dark!

Laters xxx

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  1. love the photos Kate. Sounds like you are doing ok. Take care.



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