Sunday, 30 August 2009

103 Midwives!

That's how many people we've trained this week. I'm knackered! Dhomalie and Agnes, our midwife trainers did a brilliant job, and worked like Trojans, and Kate's work to set the whole thing up really paid off. I felt privileged to be involved and it was great to see so many people leave with new found confidence and self belief. I hope it translates into clinical practice, but at least I can try and help with that by encouraging people when the situation arises. I even have the confidence to do it myself now! No more being elbowed out by the midwives ;) (Love you all!)

Now that I'm starting to get to know the staff, I'm feeling more settled. The hospital seems less daunting somehow, but I need to get stuck in properly now.

In terms of Kampala life, I've found a shared house with 5 other people who do a variety of things - journalism, politics, PhDs etc - from the States and Germany, and will be moving in next weekend. I think it'll be a brilliant place to live, and it's quite close to work, probably about 30 minutes by foot and minibus.

I still feel a little bit like I'm on holiday... not sure when that will wear off, but I'll let you know! Need to buy a jar of Marmite, and soon, I'm craving....

Please email me and tell me your news! I will try and email everyone who I have addresses for in the next few days


  1. Wow kate - sounds like you're having a right old adventure out there, and doing lots of good too. nice photies too! x

  2. Looks like you are settling in and doing an excellent job with getting yourself known!

    The accommodation sounds like it will be good. Glad you have avoided a radical religious house. If you send me an address will try posting stuff.

    Things here much as always- bloody rain....

    Melissa W


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